Wednesday, September 18, 2013


So stoked to share this with everyone - it's been a long time in the works.

"Weakness" is a classic song by McRad, Philadelphia skate-punk legends of Bones Brigade fame. The song was originally released in 1987 on their Absence of Sanity album.

We have embraced the original with this cover, while putting our own booty-bass spin on it. Chuck Treece, founder and frontman of McRad, graced us with some of his signature guitar stylings on this track. The Loved Ones were enlisted for the gang vocals at the beginning, to add some additional Philly flair to the mix.


Written by Chuck Treece and John Wagner 
Originally performed by McRad 
Recorded with permission 

Recorded, produced and performed by THEY RULE 
Lead guitars recorded and performed by Chuck Treece 
Gang vocals on "Philly" in intro by The Loved Ones 

Mixed by Buick Audra 
Mastered by Alex McCollough at Yes Master, Nashville TN 

Cover imagery by Buick Audra and Michael Pereira 
Graphic rendering by Ric Simenson 

℗ & © 2013, Trimming The Shield Records 
All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is prohibited.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


As promised, our full-length album is finally here! We hope you love it. We hope you dance to it. We hope you roller-skate to it.

Note: Not to be listened to on a laptop.
Headphones, car stereos and boom boxes should all be turned up to ELEVEN.

The album can be purchased here, for whatever price you wish to pay.

All songs written and performed by THEY RULE

*Phone call voices on "He Said She Said" by Li'l Beanz, Ginette, and Doobs

Recorded and produced by THEY RULE
Mixed by Buick Audra
Mastered by Alex McCollough at Yes Master, Nashville TN

Cover imagery by Buick Audra
Graphic rendering by Ric Simenson

Thanks to Gary Paczosa, Boey Russell, James Farrell, Jerry Roe, Joe and Sabrina Blanton, Rosina and Regis Cook, Hot Wheels, Power96 and the city of Miami, FL.

℗ & © 2013, Trimming The Shield Records

Friday, April 26, 2013


Hey you,
We hope you've enjoyed our first single, "MICROPHONE LOVE." We're stoked to be able to say that the full-length album is finally on its way. The music is tracked, edited and rad as hell. Beatriz will be mixing it in May, it will be mastered in June, and should be in your headphones by July. Get your skates out; it's coming.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


my first affair with a microphone was with a Soundelux
I borrowed it from a friend of mine 'cuz they cost a thousand bucks
that U195 was mine on every single track
eventually that sad day came when I had to give it back

oh my, from condenser to directional
my transducer is perfectional
I find my sweetest heaven
when I use my magic SM7

I love my microphone
it's microphone love

the first microphone that I ever owned was no-name SM58
I bought it at the strip mall RadioShack, way back
'88 was the year, to be exact
I'd sing into that microphone loud as hell, no one home
stars in my eyes, made me realize I'd never compromise...
until the day that I die
recording into a Panasonic boombox
coming up with raps in my underwear and socks
couldn't help thinkin' how it all would be
when people listened to my rhymes and they all jocked me
my microphone love is here to stay
I wouldn't be the way I am without it anyway
when I talk into it now, put these words in motion
'cuz all my raps are like love potion

oh my, from condenser to directional
my transducer is perfectional
I find my sweetest heaven
when I use my magic SM7

I love my microphone
it's microphone love