Make-Ups & Break-Ups is the story of Microphone Mike and Beatriz a Beatz, two kids who met in Miami in the early '90s. The album outlines their relationship from adolescence to young adulthood - through infatuation, heartache, jealousy and distance. Love is hard; first love is impossible.

Their first single, "Microphone Love" is a fun dance song about microphones and how they shape the music of artists everywhere.

Their forthcoming single, "Weakness," is a cover song - written and originally recorded by McRad, a Philadelphia-area skate-punk band. Chuck Treece, the song's author, will appear on THEY RULE's version of the song. It will be available in September of 2013.

THEY RULE are part of the Trimming The Shield Records family.

Any inquiries can be sent to theyruleband@gmail.com.

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